Saturday, May 21, 2011


WE MADE IT!!  WE MADE IT!!!!  We are back in Florida, at Thousand Trails Orlando. It was indeed a great trip. Long, but great. To all of our new found friends in Texas and California, we say thank you for your unforgettable friendship and heart felt welcome, while we invaded your geographic domain. Spending the winter months with all of you has been a memorable experience that will remain in our hearts for many years to come.  Of course, as life's joys happen from time to time, we had a few problems along the way. About fourteen miles from our destination of Colorado River TTN, Texas, our inside passenger side rear tire decided to expel it's air the easy way by blowing; Since the interstate highways do not have enough debris, the fender decorative peaces on both sides of the motor home chose to blow off and help with the highway decorum; And to add the final touches to our highway adventures, in preparing to leave a rest area after spending the night, we checked our lights, and found that the lights on the car were on vacation. So we waited until daylight, before proceeding the rest of the way to Orlando. HOWEVER, we must give thanks and praises to our Lord for getting us through every event that happened with a solution. We took a few pictures along the way that we want to share with you. Hope you enjoy.

The skyline of Houston, TX.

Entering Louisiana

Henderson Bay, LA

Abita Springs, LA ROD Resort

Entering Alabama

USS Alabama

Hope you have enjoyed our little photographic adventure. Making a cross country trip and being gone for a period of one full year was exciting and memorable, but it is really good to be home again. We will still keep in touch with all of you as to what and where we are from here. Peace, joy and love to all. 

Paul & Carla Earle
"Viewing God's Handiwork"

Thursday, March 31, 2011



On Monday April 8th, we arrived at Colorado River TTN safely, but not without a temporary delay. Fourteen miles from the turnoff from I-10 onto the road leading to the campground, we blew a rear tire on the motor home. After about an hour wait for road service to respond and  replace what was left of our tire, be were able to proceed to the resort. Other than that, all travel went well and enjoyable.

We really think we are going to enjoy this stay. This park is very nice and well taken care of. Stores are not very far away, and so far the weather is beautiful. Warm temperatures (not hot); just enough winds to be comfortable and relaxing. We are scheduled to be here until May 9th at which time we will proceed to Abitta Springs, LA.
The arrival at Colorado River Thousand Trails Resort, Columbus, Texas

Quit a bit of unused space that is well manicured. A comfortable Park

Our site at Colorado River. Plenty of space between sites.

Prior to Colorado River, we were at Medina Lake TTN Resort in Lakehills, TX. This is a view from the Resort across the Lake.  

One of the most beautiful things about Medina is the herds of Deer through the park. They are very tame and don't mind people or cars. 

Paul got to feed some of the deer.

And so did Carla

This brave model, was enjoying the Photo Shoot

Well, stay tuned folks, as we move ahead, we will keep you posted of our travels.

Peace and love ot all of you....